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Genealogy Gems at the Charles Sumner School Museum & Archives

This is Part 1 of a 5 part series on using the collection at The Charles Sumner School Museum & Archives in Washington, DC to perform genealogy research.  Unless otherwise noted, all photographs are Courtesy Sumner Museum.

I recently spoke at the 44th Annual Conference on DC History. I was a member of a panel that discussed Hidden Histories of the District Government.  Kimberly Springle, the Executive Director of the Charles Sumner School Museum and Archives, was speaking at another conference and asked me to represent the Sumner Museum on the Hidden Histories panel.

Charles Sumner Museum Pic

The Charles Sumner School Museum and Archives is the official museum and archives of the District of Columbia Public School System.  It is often referred to as the “Sumner Museum“ or the “Sumner Archives” . The purpose of my presentation was to demonstrate how to use the museum’s collection for genealogy research.

I decided to share the information from my presentation in a blog series.  If you have ancestors who lived in Washington DC there is a good chance they were affiliated with the DC public school system in some capacity. They may have been a student, an employee or a member of the community that had a connection to the school.

Some children who lived in the nearby suburbs also attended DC public schools.  I met a lady who lived in Silver Spring, Maryland as a child.  During that time period, the school system was segregated and there was no school for black students near her home.  Even though she lived in Maryland, she attended the Military Road School in Washington, DC.

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